Canberra Homes Full of Asbestos?


Can it be true that hundreds, if not, thousands of Canberra homes are filled with deadly particles known as asbestos?

It is completely true, and it has been nicknamed the ‘Mr Fluffy Crisis’.


Here is how it breaks down:

How did Canberra homes become full of asbestos?

A company named Mr Fluffy was based in Canberra from 1968-1979. Their primary product was pure, loose-fill asbestos and it was used in residential homes all over Canberra.

Even worse, this form of asbestos was particularly fine as it was crushed and then pumped into walls, ceilings and other cavities.

Furthermore, due to it being crushed it can easily become airborne and affect anyone regularly living in the home.

Canberra homes full of asbestos… who would have known?

Canbera Homes Full of Asbestos - The Danger

Canberra Homes Full of Asbestos… Does it Matter?

Well there are many dangers with asbestos, here is an outline:

  1. Mesothelioma – a form of incurable cancer which occurs in the lining of the lungs due to asbestos inhalation
  2. There is a long delay between exposure and contraction, often decades before you even know
  3. Many other forms of lung/breathing diseases can be made far worse due to asbestos exposure, such as asthma or other forms of lung cancer
  4. Asbestos will also naturally damage your lungs, meaning your lungs become inflamed and oxygen struggles to reach the blood


Canberra Home Full of Asbestos… Is Mine?

Around 1050 homes have been pinpointed by the government as having this extremely dangerous form of asbestos. This was after a large visual assessment survey of more than 60 000 homes built before 1980. This is crucial, if your home was built after this time, Mr Fluffy would not have been around.

The government hired teams to remove the asbestos from these homes and replace families safely back there. However, the government did not find all homes affected by this problem.

Inconveniently, asbestos particles are invisible to the eye and once discovered could have seeped through furniture such as beds, couches and more.

Media covered this in a frenzy and many people reached out to inspectors. Therefore, it is particularly important that you book ahead for an asbestos check.

Annoyingly, there are many Canberra homes full of asbestos. You are always better safe than sorry, if your house was built before 1980 it is worth checking.


Canberra Homes Full of Asbestos… Government Intervention

If you do find asbestos in your home, the government has an assistance package for you. Check it out here.

Simply put here are the benefits.

$10000 per household plus $2000 per dependent child. This covers work to the house and out-of-home expenses such as food, clothing and a living space.

$1000 for personal items if the family does not need to leave the home (such as a couch).

Support services by ACT Medicare local

Payment for the cost of removing the asbestos

In the worst-case scenario, your home may have to be dismantled. In this situation, the government offers deferring rates payments.


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