Common Selling Mistakes for Canberra Homes:

Avoid these at all costs!

Here is a list of common mistakes that sellers make when trying to market their property. Give it some time, read over these and improve your property exponentially.

Common Selling Mistakes for Canberra Homes

My List: Common Selling Mistakes for Canberra Homes

  1. Listen to your agent!

I know that I am a real estate agent, but honestly, so many people disregard the professional advice of real estate agents. We are here to get you the best deal for your house (we earn commission for a higher price), so listen, we usually know what we are talking about.

  1. Price your home accurately

Take a look at our post on ‘what is my house worth now’ to find out more about how to price. But ultimately, get a professional opinion and put some work in. Pricing can be the easiest thing to mess up.

  1. Open Houses

There are a few issues that arise in this sphere. Ultimately, you want your house to be balanced between professionalism and homeliness. Hence, it is best if you actually vacate the property and allow the agent to run the open house. Find more information on how to sell a house in Canberra here.

  1. Trying to do it yourself

Out of all the common selling mistakes for Canberra homes this is the most detrimental. Look, it is possible and it has been done. But why would you bother, you can take so much stress of yourself, get a higher return on your property and not have to do all the hard-work and research yourself. Always hire a professional, it is a far better way to go about selling. Canberra’s best agents will add value to your sale that cover their fees

  1. Not using a professional photographer

Now, you don’t have to hire a super-expensive, professional photographer. But a mid-range photographer with a decent camera and a good eye will be the best thing you can do for your home. It is likely you have a decent photographer somewhere in your network. Get on to them and see what they can do.

  1. Not marketing correctly

When you are selling a property worth hundreds of thousands, even millions, invest in good marketing. Advertising can be the start or end of a properties success. It is worth the extra few hundred or thousand to get your property out there and make sure everyone knows about it. A good agent will tailor your marketing to the target buyer.

  1. Select an agent based on their skill and track record, not price/commission

Find an agent with a good track record who has the skill to sell your property and knows the area. Don’t just pick the one with the highest quoted price or lowest commission. Often the price will fluctuate in the market enough to equal the playing field anyway.

Find out how to choose a real estate agent.


Hopefully you won’t fall into any of these pitfalls now that you know them. It is so common for people to make these mistakes. They end up wasting time, money and resources. If you can do it right from the start, you will get a better price, quicker and with the best buyer.

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