Tips to make your Canberra Home Stand Out:

Do you want to wow your prospective buyers from the moment they step in view of your home?

Well here are some essential tips to make your Canberra home stand out.

Put the effort in and give your home that extra little thing that will make it truly stand out.


My Tips to Make Your Canberra Home Stand Out:

  1. Doorways

Tips to make your Canberra home stand out - doorways

First impressions count, we all know this. Therefore, repaint your front door, redecorate the doorframe, clean the windows, add or fix the bell/door knocker. These things just bring a little extra comfort when others come to your home.

If someone comes to your home and the paint is peeling off the door or the roses are dying on the porch they will immediately associate this negativity with the rest of the home.

As an added bonus, get some inviting words on the porch. Get a welcome mat or sign for the door. It will add that extra little piece to your home, making it far warmer.

This can also be extrapolated to other doorways. Anytime someone walks through a doorway they enter a new part of the house. Make that doorway inviting and you relax their mind for the room beyond.

  1. Storage Spaces

Tips to make your Canberra home stand out - storage spaces

This is a big one and one that people often miss. Clear out that attic, cellar or garage. It doesn’t have to be fully clean or empty. But make it neat and get as much floor showing as possible it makes it more spacious.

This also goes for storage spaces such as large cupboards. When someone enters an attic or opens a cupboard there is an immense psychological effect if they can see maximum space.

It is like whitespace on a website. If I made this blog all one paragraph you wouldn’t read past the first line. So show as much space as possible.

If you want some ways to take this to the next level, take a look at how to maximise your house sale price.

  1. The Ignored Gems

Tips to make your Canberra home stand out - ignored gems

Gutters, ceilings, corners, on top of blinds, window sills. These are often ignored, especially in our daily life. Give them a good spring clean and you will instantly revitalise your home.

Whether you have prospective buyers in the home or not this is a wonderful thing to do. It will brighten everything up.

Also, clean windows, open shutters and just let as much natural light in as possible. It works wonders

  1. Living Matter

Tips to make your Canberra home stand out - living matter

This is often an obvious one, but vibrant, living plants can have a profound psychological effect.

It also suggests this home sustains life at a subconscious level. This may seem weird but it is true.

So, grab some flowers, some shrubs for the porch or a climbing vine the wall and show the house has life to it.

  1. Gardens

Tips to make your Canberra home stand out - gardens

Get onto it. We all know you have been putting it off.

Put the effort in and make that garden look great and inviting. Especially just clearing some small spaces where you can walk around in the garden can be dramatic. This will really increase the value of a home in someone’s eyes. The more space they can see and be in the more it is worth.



All in all, take these tips to make your Canberra home stand out and spruce some life into your home. It will work wonders.


Especially if you are planning on selling get in on these tips. For more important info about this read our article: What to do before selling my house?


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