Canberra Kitchen Design Ideas

The design of your kitchen can make or break your house. It is listed as one of the top discerning factors in a house sale price. It is also one thing that everyone looks for in a home. So, make sure you get your kitchen design right. But what is right?

Good kitchen design follows some basic rules but is also about matching the type of property your are selling. Have you got more of an entertainment home with large communal spaces? Have you got a smaller, cosy home?


Canberra Kitchen Design Ideas: The Basics

Quick rules.

  1. Centre your kitchen around the oven, cooktop and fridge. These are the most impactful factors and are crucial to good kitchen design.
  2. Open but close. You need to make the space feel open while still having everything only a quick step away from each other. This is going to be impacted by the size of your kitchen, but remember that, ideally, you would have 1 & 1/2 to 2 metres of space around all benches and cooktops. If you can have more even better
  3. Orientation – make sure you have your kitchen directed in the right way. Towards a dining room, communal space or an outside space.


Canberra Kitchen Design Ideas: Benchtops

As a general rule, if you have a adequate space for a benchtop it is almost always a benefit to the kitchen. It gives more working space, more space for laying out food, more general communal space. One of the most common and practical designs currently around centres on having a kitchen in front or curving around a benchtop. Like the one below.

Canberra Kitchen Design Ideas Benchtops


Canberra Kitchen Design Ideas: Storage

Overestimate. Don’t leave yourself hanging with not enough storage for your kitchen equipment. Extra storage can always be used for other items. Benchtops can come in particularly handy in these situations to give lots more storage to a space. Remember, the high and low rule as well. Storage cabinets ideally go below the belly button and above the shoulders. Anything above the shoulders should be shallower than the low storage. This allows for you to lean over your worktops. Anything above head level can be as deep as the lower storage cabinets.


Canberra Kitchen Design Ideas: Feng Shui

Your kitchen needs to flow. From pantry to fridge to worktops to stove and oven to storage to your dishwasher. There needs to be a pattern and an understanding of how a kitchen functions. Gather together storage for basic utensils and plates/bowls. Keep your pantry and fridge close together. Centre the kitchen around the critical piece to you, usually the oven, main workbench or fridge. Having a core workbench either side of your oven too, with a fridge on one end and another large piece such as a dishwasher on the other. This helps to maintain a work flow throughout the space, where different activities are centralised in different areas.

These Canberra kitchen design ideas have so far been overview stuff. Here are some more fine-tuned Canberra ideas.


  1. Keep it warm. Your kitchen is often a hot spot for controlling the temperature of your entire house. It can be closed off, open, bright, dark and more. Canberra can be very cold in the Winter and decidedly hot in the Summer. Hence, we recommend an open space with lots of natural light and a wide flow into neighbouring rooms. This can maintain a more stable and pleasurable temperature throughout the house.
  2. Orient your kitchen for a family or communal space. With Canberra being a particularly residentially oriented city it is best to focus the inner and outer flow of your kitchen towards a dining or living room. This appeals more to families and the more concrete members of the real estate market in Canberra.


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