Why Your Canberra Home is Not Selling

Imagine being the proud owner of a home that just won’t sell. Well, as you can imagine, that is not a very desirable place to be. Yet, we consistently see homes which overstay their welcome on the market and are continuously reduced. What is it that is stopping these properties from selling?

Is it their size, location, owners, agents?

For many agents and real estate blogs it is easy to focus on the positives. What makes a home stand out, what makes it sell, what makes it draw in those extra buyers. But far too often the homes that don’t sell are ignored or brushed under the rug so to speak. We are going to take a look at the reasons why your Canberra home is not selling. Hopefully, this gives you an insight into where to place your efforts and what to avoid. If you do want to know more about how to sell your Canberra property, we have a plethora of information.


The Reasons why your Canberra Home is not Selling:


If I had to pinpoint the number one reason that houses struggle to sell, this would be it. Exposure is the level of visibility your property has in the community. It comes down to 2 major factors, ‘who’ and ‘how much’. The ‘how much’ question is a quantifier. How many people get the chance to see your property listing. The ‘who’ question is a qualifier. Are they the right target market for your property?

Most homes that don’t sell lack an effective online presence or an agent that goes the extra mile to draw in buyers for open days and auctions. Improving your exposure means focusing your marketing and making your home as available as possible. Conduct more open homes and at better times, offer more information online, run scheduled advertising.



Up to a certain point, you want your property viewed by as many people as possible. Unfortunately, if for some reason it is not selling, your home may grow stale. This means that potential buyers have dubbed your property as one they don’t want. They will need a far greater incentive to revisit the property if it has been listed a long time. Most commonly this happens with price. If you are substantially over-asking it will turn buyers away and even when you drop the price you may struggle to bring them back in.

Hence, be reasonable with your price and make sure your exposure is as best it can be from the start. Don’t rush into advertising and online listing, spend the extra couple weeks and make the property truly stand out. Make your Canberra home stand out with our advice and ensure your photos are up to scratch before listing.


First Impressions:

Most commonly the first impression potential buyers get of a property is through the photography. The photography plays such a key role in the psychology of a buyer and is crucial for you to get right. As an agent who has seen many properties come and go, spending the extra bit of dosh can go a long way for decent photos. These will leave a lasting impression and often incentivise individuals to take a closer look at the property.


Pick the Right Agent:

As a selfish plug, so many agents believe they can half-arse a property listing and walk-away. I have a different approach and I know many other agents do so as well. It is an agents duty, to the best of their ability, to promote, position and price your property for the most effective sale. This means the best exposure, detailed advice and critique as well as tapping their network for sales. If your agent seems slack or uninterested, drop them. An agent can cost you a large sum of money and is someone who is just as crucial an element to any property sale as those listed above.

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