How Colours Affect a Property Sale

It’s long been postulated that colours have an immense impact on someone’s psychology. Countless studies have been conducted to attempt to hone in this principle. These studies have shown time and again that the diversity and choice of colour can greatly impact one’s first impressions of any number of objects or activities.

For instance, we are overtly exposed to the colours red, amber and green on a daily basis. This can lead to psychological conditioning where people correlate green with positive emotions, amber with anxiety or pressure and red with anger, frustration or negativity.

Hence, how colours affect a property sale is an important question to consider. Here I will breakdown how colours affect a property sale by running through the stereotypical responses to general colours and then discussing colour palettes and diversity.

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How Colours Affect a Property Sale: Our Impressions

There are stereotypes for how every colour affects a humans emotions. However, it is important to note that individuals have different reactions in some cases due to other experiences. If they, for instance, grew up near a beach they may have a deeper positive attachment to the blue, orange and yellow colours. Here are the stereotypes of association and feeling.

How Colours Affect a Property Sale - Red

Usually associated with blood, war, violence, but also sexuality, strength and speed. A double edged sword colour that should be used in limited amounts but can be very effective in particular ways (think red rose petals or red silk on a bed).


How Colours Affect a Property Sale - Brown

A colour that is usually associated with Autumn, woody, strong, but sometimes overbearing. It is earthly but also can feel depressing if it is too dark a shade. Be very careful when using this colour, lighter shades, especially of wood, reflect nature and hence can be a very good option. But, darker shades must be used tastefully, potentially as floorboards or skirting board. Over-use of brown can be an easy mistake to make.


How Colours Affect a Property Sale - Orange

Usually a deeper sense of association with warmth, joy and cheerfulness. Once again, this colour needs to be used in limited amounts as to not over-compensate, but it can be a vibrant, brightening colour. Excellent for small displays, play spaces or outdoor areas.


How Colours Affect a Property Sale - Yellow

This is a mixed bag of a colour. Yellow can represent the sun, joy and energy. However, yellow can sometimes be seen as emasculating, weak or simple. Hence, when using this colour, it must be used tastefully, it is a great family colour or aged home colour.

How Colours Affect a Property Sale - Green

Green is a colour that most take as representing life, vitality, growth and happiness. It is a natural colour that does not typically show up enough in urban areas. Hence, a more urbanised home can get a splash of life with this colour.


How Colours Affect a Property Sale - Blue

Usually associated with serenity, the colour of the sky and water. Simple, trusting, serene. It has a generally calming effect. Lighter shades are more calming, darker shades are more representative of depth, wisdom and meaning. Very dark shades can seem sinister. Blue can often light up a room or bring a calming positive feel to play spaces or kids rooms.

How Colours Affect a Property Sale - Purple

As old as time purple has been associated with royalty, wealth, power and wisdom. This dates back thousands of years to the Greeks and Romans who used it to dress royals and decorate their palaces. Purple is a highly popular colour as it bridges blue and red, a unique in-between. Hence, this is a good simple colour, such as purple pillows or wall hangings.


How Colours Affect a Property Sale - Black

The shades of black and white are becoming a uniquely modern approach to housing. Something to be used in limited fashion, but can bring a very modern feel to a home. Black itself is usually associated with the dark, but also elegance and formality. It should be used primarily as a contrasting colour, rather than a standalone colour, else it becomes overbearing.

How Colours Affect a Property Sale - White

Usually associated with purity, innocence and simplicity. Think the opening lines or scenes of the Great Gatsby where the flowing white dresses, curtains and couches reflect the assumed innocence and purity of the female introductory characters; Daisy and Jordan. Can be a blanket colour, used often to fill in space and make it fill spacious at the same time.


How Colours Affect a Property Sale: Colour Palettes

Now that you understand how colours affect the individual psyche of people, it is important to understand colour palettes.

To grasp this you will need a basic understanding of the colour wheel. The above colours are ordered in the same fashion as the wheel. From red to brown to orange to yellow to green to blue to purple. This is a basic colour wheel, the shades of white to black sit outside this wheel.

How Colours Affect a Property Sale - Colour Wheel


Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colours:

Primary colours are red, yellow and blue. All secondary colours are a mix of these colours, such as purple or green. Tertiary colours come when you mix primary and secondary colours such as a blue-violet colour which is like a light purple.

On top of these you have warm and cool colours. Warm colours are those between light red and light green (through orange and yellow). Cool colours are those between a dark red or purple through blue and into dark green.


Bringing it all Together

Using this information you should attempt to create a colour palette throughout your home. If this is over-complicated or you have a large home, you can split the colour palettes into individual rooms. Usually bedrooms are the exception to a home colour palette and this is a good thing, allow individuals to be creative.

Firstly, you can look at cool and warm colours. Decide what matches the feel of your home, is it a sunny, open home or a more warm, cosy home that would benefit from the cooler blues and purples.

Secondly, for colour palettes, choose a central colour, something that really reflects your home. Look to the above list of colour psyche impacts for this. Next look to colours within 1 or 2 steps from your central colour for a generic colour palette.

Next you need to assess shades. Between 3 colours in the colour wheel are a whole series of shades. The lighter shades are often softer and more pastel, whereas the darker ones are often harder hitting and more impactful. We suggest to use lighter shades as a generic colour and then implement darker shades at specific points to create the impact and unique feeling of your home.


How Colours Affect a Property Sale: Buyers Mindset

This then needs to be related to real life. What happens when a potential buyer first views your property online, or walks into your property. These first impressions are crucial. But, as I have written about before, the lasting impression is the more important one. This means the overall sense of the home they walk away with. Your first impression can pre-frame an audience mind to a particular viewpoint. However, if that is not reinforced with consistency throughout the property, it is meaningless.

Hence, ensure your property has the same vibe throughout the home, potentially with some tasteful contrast.

What do I mean by this?

The colours in your property should accentuate the feeling of the home. If you have a more cosy cottage home, lots of floral colours are more effective. The vibe of each room is important too. You may want a slightly warmer feeling lounge-room but a colder dining room with the addition of a fireplace.

On top of this, tasteful contrast is highly effective. You want a similar feel throughout the home, but then throwing an extra in there can be a huge converter. For instance, you may have a modern home with lots of black and white, feeling very spacious, open and excellent for lots of people. However, if you were able to add in a couple colourful bedrooms for children, a more cosy outhouse or a spruce of colour in the backyard you would appeal to far more people.


Keep this considerations in mind when deciding how to colour your home. Be very aware of how you place colours, using those harder colours in limited amounts and those softer, more pastille colours for a long, generic feeling.

Hopefully this has helped you in some way to re-colour your home. If it has please feel free to share it or like it so that others may be helped by this information also.

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