Where to Use Carpets to Make a Home Sell


Delving deeply into the home improvement and design fields today we are going to look at carpet usage. To be more precise, where to use carpets to make a home sell. This includes both carpets and rugs, full room carpet coverings or just small rugs to change the dynamic of a space.

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The flooring in any room or space sets the entire tone and mood for the room. It can make it feel modern, homely or clean. So, let’s answer the question of ‘where’.


Where to Use Carpets in a Home?


1. Living Space/Lounge

The lounge room space is meant to be the most inviting, warm and relaxed space in the home. That is why I am a fan of carpeting the living room. Now in some cases, such as the one below, it is best not to carpet the living space. This will be on a case by case basis, but if any of the following points apply consider having a wooden floor instead.

  • Large windows that let in a considerable amount of light (like in the picture below)
  • A dual space (it crosses as a dining room)
  • Brighter wall and furniture colouring can call for wooden floors with large carpets

Where to Use Carpets to Make a Home Sell - Non-Carpet Living Space


Now, if you do choose to avoid using full room carpets in your living space, definitely use some form of rug. Rugs are able to brighter, different and more inviting that a wooden floor. It is a positive addition to almost any living space, especially close to the couches or chairs as it accentuates the comfy feeling of them.


2. Stairwells/Stairs

Carpeted stairs and stairwells is an excellent way to differentiate spaces in the home. It creates borders and allows different sections of the home to more actively serve different purposes.

My recommendation here is to use free moving rugs at or near the bottom of stairs. If it is a more old-school stairwell that acts as a kind of foyer space, then it is more worthwhile fully carpeting the space.

Carpeting stairs as well can be a good option, but this comes back to the feel of the home as a whole. Typically smaller homes, in colder areas, with lower roofs attract a more homely, wintry feel. If you are tending towards this, carpeted stairs can be an excellent addition.

If your home has a more Summer feel, with higher roofs and lighter colours then wooden stairs are your next best option. Have a look at the comparison below.

If you are unsure, or your home feels like it could achieve both then stairs runners are an excellent option. Take a look below for some stair runner comparisons and decide if it would fit your home.

Where to Use Carpets to Make a Home Sell - Stairs 3 Where to Use Carpets to Make a Home Sell - Stairs 2 Where to Use Carpets to Make a Home Sell - Stairs 1


3. Bedrooms

Bedrooms are the most lived in spaces of a home. They are where people associate comfort, simplicity and warmth. Hence, carpeting bedrooms can be a very effective tool.

Once again, carpets can affect the temperature of a room and create a different vibe. If your room gets overly hot in the Summer or has considerable sunlight, look into just getting some movable rugs to place in.

This is particularly prevalent with master bedrooms. A carpeted, or at least partially carpeted master bedroom is a very effective space.

If you don’t want full carpeting, rugs, especially thicker more fluffy rugs are extremely effective in bedrooms.

Where to Use Carpets to Make a Home Sell - Bedrooms 1 Where to Use Carpets to Make a Home Sell - Bedrooms 3 Where to Use Carpets to Make a Home Sell - Bedrooms 2

Colouring Carpets

  • Keep it simple – for the majority of carpets, basic colouring is the most appropriate (charcoal, grey, cream, white)
  • Use rugs to spruce it up – rugs are your go to if you want floor colouring, they can easily liven up a room, without making it feel like a permanent attachment to the room
  • Carpets/Rugs don’t have to be expensive – much higher quality carpets and rugs often don’t actually look or feel much better than the cheaper alternative, they may last slightly longer, but the life-span of cheap carpets is still considerable

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Hopefully this has helped you answer the question “where to use carpets to make a home sell”. For more home improvement tips take a look at some of our below articles.

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