Bedroom Styling Tips and Tricks

Every single room of the house has an impact on its sale. The most central rooms including the lounge and kitchen have the most impact on a buyers mindset, but don’t overlook the bedrooms. Bedrooms are the most personalised and intimate space in a home, hence they need to be noticeably inviting and homely.

With this in mind, here are some bedroom styling tips and tricks.


Bedroom Styling Tips and Tricks - Curtains

Bedroom Styling Tip #1: Curtains/Windows

Lots of natural light is important in any room in the house. However, in a bedroom you need the ability to have good natural light, but also to be able to whimsically block it out.

Hence, curtains are a point that is more crucial than it may seem at first glance.

Personally, I am a big fan of long draping curtains, especially in a cream or white colouring. Just a simple sliding curtain I think does the job elegantly.

Otherwise, some light pastel coloured, yellow, light blue or white coloured shutters can do the trick. Shutters and draping curtains both maintain a modern, elegant and regal style while being an effective way of blocking out natural light. The paler colours and white shades are also an easy match to most bedrooms.


Bedroom Styling Tips and Tricks - Crisp Linen

Bedroom Styling Tip #2: Crisp Linen

Your choice of linen and furniture covering is one to be very aware of (especially in open homes).

On any bed in the house you should have crisp linen that accentuates and matches the room. This goes also for blankets, throws and pillows. Bedrooms should follow a generic theme (pastel colours, whites, greys etc.) but can be different to other rooms in the home.

As we said, a bedroom is meant to feel personalised, so a bit of spontaneity and breaking from the whole house pattern can be a good thing.

So keep your sheets tucked, colours together and don’t overdo the pillows.

The one exception to the pillow rule is when there is a substantial amount of wood covering the floor and/or walls of a room. Pillows and couches can counter balance the hard wood with a plush look, this is very inviting and homely.


Bedroom Styling Tips and Tricks - Beds

Bedroom Styling Tip #3: Beds in Particular

Keep base colours neutral (white or cream again are excellent choices). Use a throw and/or neutral coloured pillows to spruce the bed up a little. It gives it a clean but inviting look.


Bedroom Styling Tips and Tricks - Lighting

Bedroom Styling Tip #4: Lighting

Keep lighting warm in any bedroom.

If you have a bluer colouring to your lamps or ceiling lights look for more ambient, orange and warm coloured bulbs. Furthermore, aim for majority natural light as this gives the most homely feeling to any home.

It is also a positive to have a candle or two in the master bedroom and at least one bedside lamp at every bed in the home. Of all our bedroom styling tips and tricks, lighting can make the room feel the most different


Bedroom Styling Tips and Tricks - Add Some Spruce

Bedroom Styling Tip #5: Add some Spruce

Flowers can brighten up any corner, as can some small photos or a mirror. Use some of these things in limitation to control the flow of a room. If one part is feeling more isolated or less inviting add some small flowers or a low dressing table.


Hopefully some of these bedroom styling tips and tricks have helped you out. If you want me advice on how to style your home to sell look no further than the below articles.

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