What to Look for in an Open House

Open homes are killing fields if you don’t know what to look for. An open home is setup by a vendor to display their property in the best light possible, hence, ensuring you are almost emotionless and logical is important. That’s why you need to know what to look for in an open house.

Here is our list.


What to Look for in an Open House #1

 – Property Details

This should be prepared before you enter the home through research. You should gather together what you need in an open in terms of its specs. How many bedrooms and bathrooms, how big a backyard, how big a kitchen, spare rooms and number of floors.

Next, you should have a list of the specs of each house you will inspect. Once you are inside the home check for yourself on the details and make sure it aligns with your lists. This is the very first step to cold hard logic. Although you can bend slightly, you should come close to locking in details for your desired house.


What to Look for in an Open House #2

 – Neighbourhood

The next most important thing is not even in the house itself, it has to do with locality. Is the neighbourhood peaceful, what’s the crime rate, what are the neighbours like, can you see yourself living there. This just involves parking a few streets from the open home and choosing to walk there and have a look around.


What to Look for in an Open House #3

 – Privacy

Privacy is the restriction of view and access between your house and your neighbours. How high are the fences, the trees, how close are your neighbours?

Take a look around, especially out bedroom windows, and gather a feel for how private the lot of land is.


What to Look for in an Open House #4

 – Public Facilities

Once again, something else not in the home itself, the facilities. Are there shops nearby? What schools are nearby? Are there parks or beaches nearby? Are there restaurants nearby?

Decide which public facilities matter to you and ensure they exist in the area.


What to Look for in an Open house #5

 – The View

Location determines view, view determines vibe. If you have a beach front home with a beautiful ocean view or a country home with a landscape view keep in mind the price difference and the quality of the view. An excellent view is only on the list for some people and not for others.

Have a pre-defined perspective on how much this matters to you. Don’t let yourself get carried away emotionally when you see the view from a home, if it doesn’t matter to you now it won’t in a few months after you buy it.


What to Look for in an Open House #6

 – Structural Flow

How does each room flow into the next and out into the front and backyards. The structural setup of a home is crucial. Families often want larger lounge rooms with more entertainment space, a much more open open home. Whereas, young couples may want to minimise the kitchen and maximise outdoor areas and bedroom space.

Consider how the house flows from room to room and imagine yourself living your lifestyle there.


What to Look for in an Open House #7

 – Damage

Check the outside of the house for any cracks in the walls.

Check the corners of walls for stains or insect infestations.

Give the garden a good once over to know how it is for your lifestyle (if you have young kids a large garden can be a wonder and a danger)

Ask questions. If you spot any damage just chat to the real estate agent and get an honest opinion. Make sure down the track you follow this up with outside inspections.


These would be my top 7 items of what to look for in an open house. Maybe you have others, feel free to share them below. If you are interested in the open home process check out these other articles.

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