What Makes a View Valuable?

Now, this post may just seem like an excuse for me to post a bunch of pictures of beautiful views (and it is…) but it’s more than that. You see, many people don’t actually know what makes a view valuable. They don’t know what makes a luxury view.

This is more than just something that is attractive to the naked eye, it’s deciding if it is worth something or not. So, although you may love your bush view, there are reasons it’s not worth as much as an ocean view.

Hence, here is a summary of what makes a view valuable.


#1 Field of View

One of the first and most important aspects of a locations view, is the field of view.

This is how far from left to right and up and down the property can see. Hence, properties on inclines often fair better. This is actually one of the reasons ocean views are so valuable (there are more reasons below). An ocean view often means there is less in the way to block the field of view, hence the field of view increases.

Consider the view below, this is an excellent field of view and would considerably increase the value of a home.

What Makes a View Valuable - Field of View


#2 Implied Access

A view is also valuable based on its implied access to valuable assets. For example, an ocean view is valuable because it lends the idea that you are close to the beach and therefore have access to it.

This can be extrapolated across many different scenarios (think city views etc…). The main point is that any view that has implied access is a valuable asset. This is partly caught up the general nature of a view as well. If something that you want accessible is in the view, that is not only accessible but attractive.

Think about it, if you want to go to the beach lots, then a view of the beach is valuable for it’s suggested access. Furthermore, if you want to go to the beach of a lot you will most probably like the view of the beach for it’s attractiveness.

For instance, the view below suggests a pretty obvious example of a pretty view that implies access.

What Makes a View Valuable - Implied Access


#3 Beauty

The third and final reason a view is valuable is pretty obvious… because it’s beautiful. You can analyse a view all you want for it’s implied access and field of view, but ultimately these just build into a beautiful view. Anyone with any sense of beauty in nature can spot a worthwhile view.

While field of view and implied access give a more definite measurement of it’s value, it’s beauty is crucial. Beauty in this way is typically manifested in two ways.

  • Expansive Nature

If a view has an expanse of natural imagery with vibrant colours (think blue oceans, green forests, misty morning) then it becomes immediately more beautiful and serene

  • Man-Made Magnificence

If a view contains man-made magnificence, it holds an unimpeded view of mans glorious work. This is often manifested in great cities, with sky-scrapers, fog licking the top of the buildings without an overhaul of mans destructive elements. Hence, if a city is covered in smog it loses a lot of its beauty.

Consider the below image for an understanding of a beautiful city view.

What Makes a View Valuable - Beauty


Hopefully this has helped you to more accurately assess views. Unfortunately, there is little you can do to improve a view (apart from maybe cutting down some trees, which is often a local council trek). However, if you were looking to improve your home, especially in preparation for a sale, take a look at our articles below.

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