Best Cities to Live in the World

According to business insider, Australia has 3 of the most liveable cities in the world. That is a pretty spectacular achievement. So let’s take a look at some of the best cities to live in the world and why.


#1 Melbourne, Australia

Best Cities to Live in the World - Melbourne

Melbourne is the cool cat of Australia. With hip bars, unique eateries and a young vibe floating through the streets, it’s certainly an enviable city.

Although prices are high in Melbourne (median house price is over AU$880 000), it is an incredible city to live in. One of the best words to describe Melbourne, is a hipster metropolis. A capital city of converging ages, people and cultures that synthesise into a modern, unique and liveable city.


#2 Vienna, Austria

Best Cities to Live in the World - Vienna

On any most liveable cities list you will see Vienna pop up. But why is it so popular?

From ancient architecture, to modern hubs, bustling streets to peaceful nights Vienna is a picture perfect city. It’s depth of culture, history and people is almost unequalled in the modern world. This draws it easily into the top 5 most liveable cities on the planet.


#3 Vancouver, Canada

Best Cities to Live in the World - Vancouver

Canada is renowned for its mellow attitude, genuine people and brutal ice hockey. But truly, Vancouver is an enviable city to live in. Many reasons bring this to pass. Not only is it a modern metropolis such as Sydney or Melbourne, but it comes backed by Canadian law.

Canada has been ranked as one of the most liveable countries due to their legal and social systems. Their support of workers, students, mothers, just to name a few, outranks many countries in the world. Hence, a beautiful city amongst a strong government sets up an incredibly liveable city.


#4 Geneva, Switzerland

Best Cities to Live in the World - Geneva

The famous city of parlez, the always neutral state of banking. But, is there more to Geneva than meets the eye?

With a rich history, from wars, to coup de tats, to revolution, Geneva is steeped in history. Moreover, architecturally, Geneva soars well above most other capital cities. It is a spectacle to behold and one often missed by hurried skiers heading to the slopes.


#5 Sydney, Australia

Best Cities to Live in the World - Sydney

Having lived here many years, but travelled much of the world, I could not resist but to place this city in the top 5. Sydney is a gorgeous city to live, with incredible beach access, a bustling night-life and always more to explore. With an interesting, but short-lived history, Sydney has surged to the top of the most liveable places on the planet.

Particularly an area, named the Northern Beaches, has come to be one of the best lifestyles that could be hoped for. An area stretching from Manly to Palm Beach, the Northern Beaches run on a slightly slower time, with residents spending consistent time gazing at the golden shores of some of the best beaches in the world. With incredible sea-views, a sincere and amiable culture, easy access to all of life’s needs, the Northern Beaches, and by extent, Sydney, are truly a spectacle to live in.

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