Canberra’s Highest Auction Property Sells at Close to $6 Million

If you thought your latest auction was big, take a look at this whopper from Canberra. This property sold at the end of 2017 in a straight up auction at $5 750 000.


Canberra's Highest Auction Property 3
4 Hotham Crescent, Deakin Photo: Luton


Deakin Luxury Home

The property in question modern, luxury home on Hotham Crescent in Deakin. The median house price of this luxury Canberra suburb sits at $1 317 000, dwarfing many of its competitors. Deakin holds an impressive portfolio of properties ranging from unique and antique to luxury mansions.

So what makes this property so impressive? Here are just a few things…


Auction Price

Just think about the stress involved in auctioning at close to $6mil. Think about the sweat dripping from the competitors hairlines, the afternoon sun beating down and the racing of hearts as price jumps tens of thousands at a time.

The anxiety and stress involved in any auction is often immense. Many properties fall by the wayside when it comes to high auction prices. Often the highest profile sales are done by private treaty. Learn about how to buy through private treaty.

However, once you up the stakes to that $5 million range, its not just anxiety and stress, there is true fear. Often auctions can get quite heated and many people get caught up in the moment. Without being there it is hard to gauge how this auction went down. But hopefully the participants had a cool head to be so smoothly dealing with such large amounts of money.


The Inside

This property is truly spectacular inside and out. With 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, large entertainment spaces, beautiful french doors, it is truly a place of wonder.

Canberra's Highest Auction Property 2
4 Hotham Crescent, Deakin Photo: Luton

Marble tables, modern colours, sandstone fixtures, gorgeous carpets. This place captures the eye in every single room.


The Outside

With a magnificent pool stretching in the alcove of the corner of the property the outdoor area is one to rival any other.

Dazzling open spaces, lighting to delight and a modern, clean, but fun and inviting atmosphere, the outer area is also one to be viewed with awe. Canberra’s highest auction property to date, is something of an all-rounder.

Canberra's Highest Auction Property 3
4 Hotham Crescent, Deakin Photo: Luton


With properties selling at such high prices, Canberra is truly beginning to enter the spotlight. Australia has long been dominated by Sydney and Melbourne, but with consistent growth and excellent displays such as this, it is not long before Canberra truly shines. This is Canberra’s highest auction property to date, but who knows what is in store for the future.

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