How to Sell a House in Canberra

How to Sell a House in Canberra:Home Sellers Guide - How to Sell a House in Canberra

Do you need to know how to sell a house in Canberra? Selling a house in Canberra can be a long and complicated process. Here is a breakdown of some major parts of that process. If you live in Canberra we also have a full Home Seller’s Guide we can deliver to you completely free of charge!

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Contents of ‘How to Sell a House in Canberra’:

What to do Before Selling Your House

  • Selling House Checklist
    • Making a First Impression
    • Making a Lasting Impression

What is the Best Method for Selling my House

  • Selling by:
    • Private Treaty
    • Tender
    • Auction

How to Sell a House in Canberra Hot Tips

  • Photography
  • Prioritise
  • Details
  • Emphasise Improvements
  • List Public Facilities
  • Privacy
  • Communal Space


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How to Sell a House in Canberra - Ask Steve Anything

What to do before selling your house?

Every piece counts when it comes to selling your house. Therefore, you need to know what to do before selling your house.

From the first moment your prospective buyers lay eyes on your home they will be making micro-judgements on every single aspect of it. It is from this moment that the psychology of home-buying becomes crucial to your success.

You need to ‘pre-frame’ your buyer to be positively dispossessed to your home. Usually your home is just another box to check in an extensive list of potentials. Therefore, making your home stand out is essential.

You can pour all the money in the world into expensive photos, videos, advertisements and agents. But this is useless if your prospect sees your home for the first time and is immediately turned off due to a run-down front door or a collapsing letter box.

You need to wow from the first impression to the lasting one.

So here are some tips for what to do before selling your house and how to sell a house in Canberra.

Selling your House Checklist:

Top Tips for the First Impression:

  • Start on the outside and work in (this list is ordered in such a way)
  • Have an eye-catching, attractive front-door (repaint it, or replace it)
  • Focus your garden manicuring in the front, and make it inviting
  • Understand what type of home you have (modern, warm, spacious) and tailor to that audience – the letterbox is a wonderful place to start
  • Clean out your garage and front-lawn to make it seem larger
  • Make your house number visible!
  • Anything involving water, clean it
  • Clean up pathways and make them accessible (you may like the overgrown hedges, but those inspecting usually find them annoying)
  • Find some vibrant flowers or small shrubbery to catch the eye

Top Tips for the Lasting Impression:

  • Repaint those older rooms with lighter, more contemporary colours
  • Invest in some practically irrelevant throws and cushions
  • Fix your lights, and make sure to keep blinds open to give more natural light
  • Avoid clutter to give a spacious feel
  • When it comes to preparing your house for sale, do some behind-the-scenes work in cupboards and storage areas, great if a nosey prospect opens an unsuspecting drawer
  • Patch noticeable holes in the floors, walls or major furniture
  • What to do before selling your house TOP TIP: Keep it personal! Make sure your home still feels like you, most likely you will attract more interested buyers that way
  • In the same vein, don’t be scared to be a little quirky, it can give a great lasting impression
  • Add flare where you can, an interesting artwork, dramatized wall-hanging or array of expensive glasses on display
  • Keep windows and shutters open for freshness and natural beauty

Learn how to maximise your house sale price and here are some tips make your Canberra home stand out to improve upon this system.

Finally, don’t get overwhelmed. If you keep the house feeling fresh, vibrant and like the home you love, the right buyer will come along. This is just a ‘selling house checklist’ after all.

So, what to do before selling your house? Follow my advice and hopefully you will find the perfect buyer in no time.


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What is the best way to sell my house?

Selecting the best way to sell your property is the first thing to do and will have an impact on your final outcome in the sale of your property. Knowing how to sell a house in Canberra by these processes will save you a lot of hassle later if you need or want to switch. Steve Lowe from One Agency Kippax in Canberra will help you through the process but this is a quick guide on the three most used sale processes in Australia.

Those three processes are private treaty, sale by tender and auction.

Selling by Private Treaty:

This sale process is the most commonly used in Canberra real estate and can be adapted to your needs. The property is listed at a price that will allow potential buyers to view the property while ensuring that can afford it. The property is also listed on free to view websites to expand the market that will see the property.

Offers can be presented by potential buyers however the vendor has no obligation to accept an offer they aren’t happy with. If the vendor is not happy with the offer they then have the option to send a counter offer to the potential buyer and work with them until they’re happy. A large marketing campaign is required for this sale process but it can have a substantial impact on the final sale price.

Many people ask, what is the best way to sell my house? Private treaty is most common, but also the most expensive, so read on.

Reasons to choose private treaty as your sales process:

  • Offers can be declined, accepted or negotiated at the vendors discretion
  • Multiple offers can be presented and the vendor can select the best one based on price, cash offer, subject to sale terms
  • The length of the listing is controlled by the vendor

Selling by Tender:

A silent auction is the closest sale process to selling your home in Canberra by tender. Potential buyers present offers to the vendor however these offers are based on their own opinion and not from a listed sale price. Much like a silent auction or even an eBay auction, an end date is selected. At the end of the sale the vendor can then process all the offers with Steve Lowe from One Agency Kippax in Canberra, to select the offer that benefits them the most.

Selling by tender can be a great option for those unique and hard to price properties. It will still require an advanced marketing campaign to get as many potential buyers as possible interested in a short time.

Reasons to choose sale by tender as your sales process:

  • Potential buyers have to use their own research or opinion to make an offer, giving the vendors the upper hand with the potential of receiving more than the property is worth
  • The length of the sale is controlled by the vendor. They could do a short 28 fire sale or a lengthy 3 month listing
  • The vendor does not have to accept any of the offers giving them full control of how their property is sold

Selling by Auction:

When asking what is the best way to sell my house, many people overlook auctions. Auctions can actually be an extremely effective and quick way to get a sale at a good price. The how to sell a house in Canberra question could be entirely answered with auctions as they simplify a lot of the more complex processes.

Use of the auction sales process is gaining traction for real estate in Canberra as well other states such as Victoria and New South Wales. Auctions are usually set 28 days from listing the property, providing a fast return on investment.

The day can provide an adrenalin rush for the potential buyers adding an extra level of competition to obtain a great sale price. There will need to be a high profile marketing campaign for auctions to get that perfect or even unexpected sale price. Auctions won’t work on every property though and should be reserved for properties in sought after and low stock areas.

Reasons to choose auction as your sales process:

  • The price can often exceed your expected price as well as exceeding the valuations and the area average
  • The vendor won’t have to take an offer they don’t like as they have set the reserve price on the auction
  • Properties sold at auctions are unconditional, meaning the vendor can secure the new home they had their eye on

Although we have provided you with a lot of information, it is still best to consult Steve Lowe from One Agency Kippax, your local expert for real estate in Canberra. Steve will ensure the best sales process is selected to get you the best price for your home.

Also check out the most common selling mistakes for Canberra homes to make sure you don’t fall into these traps.


Hot Tips for Listing your Property

Remember this: potential buyers don’t have the time, effort or interest to spend ages looking at your home. Just like any other advertisement or message, there are hundreds of competing items. In the same way, when someone goes to look for a property, they might look through a hundred different ones. They may only go to 10 open houses and they only pick one.

Here are some hot tips for listing your property that will maximise your potential buyers.

How to sell a house in Canberra our best and most secret tips:

Photography – top tip for listing your property:

Spend the extra little bit to hire at least a medium range photographer. This will put you right to the top of the pack. Photos that highlight your properties best aspects and drown out others are a must.

On top of this, presenting them is important. Make sure to get photos of all the key areas and different views of some of the larger ones. Out of all my hot tips for listing your property, this is the most crucial.


If you need to know how to sell a house in Canberra, then this is crucial advice. Ignore the fluff and get straight to the most important aspects of your home.

You have a couple sentences to sell your property and attract buyers. Therefore, focus on the most important parts and prioritise what matter most about the property.

Buyers are not going to hang around while you explain how lovely your property is. Go to the nitty gritty, tell them why, with specifics.


This comes straight off the back of the last point. If someone has decided to look further into your listing they are interested. But you can easily lose them if you don’t explain things.

This means you have to give details. Tell them the roof height, the type of wood that makes up the deck and the particular colour of the kids rooms. Don’t skimp on the details.

Emphasise Improvements:

If you have made any changes to the home recently, especially major changes make sure to document them. They can add a serious amount of value, well above what you spent on them.

On top of that, if there are improvements that can be made to the property explain these as well. Development potential is also worth something and is often not discussed. People love to buy a property with potential because it means they can make money on their purchase.

List Public Facilities:

If there are schools, parks, beaches, anything public nearby say it. This also includes the quality of the neighbourhood, the low level of crime, the local clubs and access to shops. Don’t forget these things. Just make it simple and list them straight up.


This can be a crucial selling factor. If your property acts as an escape from busy suburbia, say so. Maybe there is a good quiet space at the back of the property or the downstairs area drowns out noise.

Communal Space:

Certain parts of your home are catered towards hosting people, the lounge, dining room, rumpus room etc. Emphasise the good qualities of these rooms in their spaciousness, design, natural light. These are usually some of the biggest selling points.

Just be honest about what your property does well. Why would someone want to purchase it? Don’t think about why you want to sell it, get in the buyer’s shoes and you will be fine.

Hopefully these top tips for listing your property were helpful. If you want to know more check out how to maximise your house sale price.


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